There’s nothing that can beat actually being at TGSS, but for those of you who just can’t make it, we’ve got you covered.

Track 1 and Track 2 will be LIVE streamed constantly each day on our Youtube channel:

High-fives to the good people at Downunder Derby TV who will be bringing you the Track 1 footage.

Track 3 and Track 4 will be recorded and uploaded to Youtube later. We will get these bouts up as fast as we can, but this will take time so please bear with us.

To help you plan your TGSS viewing, head to our website for a copy of the Tournament Schedule:

Please remember all of this, the live streams and their quality, is dependent on the capability of our internet connection. It has been tested as much as possible and we believe it is up to the task, but we cannot control how well it performs at any given time.

Lastly we’d like to give a hat-tip to our friends at DNN who inspired us to start boutcasting. Extra big thanks to Chris ‘Hurt Reynolds’ for being so generous with his time and knowledge, and for helping troubleshoot from ten thousand miles away last TGSS.

So there you have it, the (derby) revolution will indeed be televised, and we’re almost 100% certain that pesky green screen of death will not be making an appearance this TGSS.

Not long now, whee!

Weekend passes available from

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