Happy TGSS Eve


Don’t forget, WEEKEND PASSES are only available until 4.30pm TODAY!

Head to Oztix while you still can to grab yours:

DAY PASSES will be available on the door (Saturday/Sunday $20, Monday $30), however at $60 (+bf) the weekend pass saves you some money as well as the hassle of having to line up for a pass every chilly morning.

REGISTRATION is tonight, 7-9pm in the Goyder pavilion. Leagues please send only ONE representative to register and pick up your pack. Officials, challenge bout skaters and commentators, you need to present individually to register.

Remember, you can pick up your PRE-SALE MERCH from tonight, as well as try out the tracks in the Goyder pavilion. No skating in Wayville please.

If you haven’t already perused our final LOVE LETTER, now is probably a good time to ensure you are fully on top of all the things:

With the Slam less than 24 hours away, be sure to drink plenty of water, eat something healthy, hug your fur-babies and human loved ones extra tight, and get ready to have THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

Love and bumps,
TGSS Ops Committee & Adelaide Roller Derby xx


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