Love Letter #2: Happy V-D from TGSS

Hey lover,

Happy V-Day!

We’re feelin’ the love today, and want to make you feel special. How? We want to gift you, and we have two gifts, as we think you’re pretty cute.

Our first gift is that our website is live. Go show some love by visiting

Our second gift is a very special one…oh gosh, we are so nervous as we really, really like you and want you desperately to say yes. Here goes…Adelaide Roller Derby would like to ask you; will be our prom date? That’s right my turtledove, the theme of this year’s after party is 80s Prom! Held onsite at TGSS (same venue as 2014), the after party will be held on Monday, 13 June, featuring special guest DJs, much taffeta and a celebration of TGSS 2016 Prom Queen and King.

We hope you say yes.

Hugs and kisses,
TGSS Operations Committee

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