Love Letter #1

Hi AUS & NZ Roller Derby Leagues.

Welcome to the first TGSS2016 newsletter. From here on you can expect regular updates on all things TGSS. Please bear in mind that it is still early days and there is a lot of work yet to be done, so whilst we have some information for you, we are not able to answer all your burning questions just yet.

Firstly, thank you all for your responses to the survey. The response has been MASSIVE. We have had responses from 63 leagues wanting to participate in the Tournament, Challenge Bouts and as Officials.

This derby community of ours just grows and grows!

Way back in 2010 when we held the first TGSS, 15 teams participated in the tournament and had some amazing and fun challenge bouts, introducing the world to the team potluck concept in the process.

In 2012 we increased the tournament size to accommodate 18 teams, as well as match up bouts for the newer leagues and theme-based challenge bouts for the sheer fun of it.

In 2014 TGSS grew again to include two tournaments (21 teams competed in division 1, 24 teams competed in division 2) and 15 challenge bouts, all made possible by an army of Officials from all corners of Australia and New Zealand.

TGSS has always been about providing opportunities and sharing as much derby love as we can with our Australian and New Zealand community and 2016 will be no different. Whilst it’s not possible to have every league which registers interest participate in the tournament, we have done our best to make it as inclusive as possible.

So what can you look forward to in 2016?

We had so much fun with the 2 tournaments in 2014 we are bringing them back in 2016.  That’s right, 2 TOURNAMENTS OVER 3 DAYS!!

Division 1 tournament for the more experienced leagues (24 teams) and
Division 2 tournament for the newer leagues (24 teams)

There will be no minor bracket – It will be a knockout after the first round. But fear not, you will be guaranteed 2 games within your pool.

This TGSS, the divisions and pool allocations will be informed by the rankings on Flat Track Stats (as present at the time of scheduling) so make sure that your league’s bout history is all up to date by the end of March 2016.

For Division 2, we will be happy to consider combined teams from multiple leagues as we have done in the past.

Another amazing opportunity that we have created, especially for those newer leagues around the tracks is a Match-Up round. These games will work alongside the original Challenge bouts. This round offers a more structured set up with leagues playing one another giving even more skaters the chance to play within their leagues at TGSS and the opportunity to play a proper full length bout. The leagues we have in mind for the Match-up round will receive an email shortly.

So, how do you sign up?

  • All Participants (skaters, officials and volunteers) must be over 18 to participate.
  • TGSS2016 will be by invitation.
  • Leagues who have participated in years past will be given the first opportunity to participate.

Leagues will receive an invite and invoice for registration. Payment of the invoice by the due date will be your acceptance of the offer. Should you decline the offer or fail to pay registration by the due date we will invite the next league on the list.  In the event that a team pulls out, we will offer the spot to the next league. Should time not make this possible, we will put together a potluck team from the challenge bout skaters. There is only room for 1 team from each invited league.

There will be a track reserved for Challenge Bouts on the Saturday and Sunday because it just wouldn’t be TGSS without them.  Registration will be open first for those leagues who we are unable to offer a place in the Division 1 and 2 tournaments. Challenge bout registration will not be available to tournament participants.

We are thrilled at how much roller derby in Australia and New Zealand has grown since the first TGSS in 2010, the downside of this is despite TGSS also growing, we just can’t fit everything in.  While we would have loved to include everyone, TGSS2016 will focus on women’s flat track roller derby, there will be no junior or men’s roller derby at TGSS2016.

We are still working through how much TGSS2016 will cost. Invitations will therefore not be sent out until we know exactly how much registration will be.

As far as ticketing goes, we will continue to provide weekend passes as well as individual day passes.

We have based our decisions regarding the tournament structure on survey results indicating the interest of Officials will be sufficient to make this work. If we don’t get the number of Officials we need, we will need to adjust accordingly.

Officials will only be able to register as either dedicated NSOs or as an Official. What does that mean? If you want to officiate on skates, it is most likely you will also be rostered to NSO. There will be no option to opt out. We will do our very best to provide an on skates opportunity to as many Officials as we can, however to achieve this everyone needs to be flexible.  Please also be aware if you register as an NSO/Official you are not eligible to also be a Commentator or Bench Manager/Coach for TGSS2016.  This is not because we are big ole meanies who want to spoil peoples’ fun, but because rostering the NSOs/Officials for such a large tournament is a gargantuan and ever-changing task which becomes impossible if people unavailable due to other commitments.

Now for the hot topic….SANCTIONED BOUTS…there have been rumours flying around that there won’t be any at TGSS 2016…whilst we are still working out the logistics of it all, ultimately the decision is YOURS! Our intention is to offer WFTDA leagues the chance to sanction their bouts, this will only happen on the proviso that both teams are in agreeance. If a team is not comfortable to do this then the bout will not be sanctioned.

So that’s where we are at right now.  If your league has any questions, please send them to the TGSS email and we will respond either to your league directly, or if the question is relevant for all include it in the next monthly newsletter.

Let the countdown begin!

Love and bumps,

TGSS Operations Committee & Adelaide Roller Derby.

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