LEAGUES: Team Lists Needed ASAP


The due date for tournament TEAM LISTS was YESTERDAY and we are still missing A LOT, too many to name and shame.

This information is super important for planning and needed ASAP, so we’re calling on all of you to help us by pestering your league reps on our behalf. And a big thank you to those who have already sent in your lists, love your work!

For anyone a bit hazy on what we mean by ‘team lists’, it is your tournament roster of 20 skaters, plus your support staff names (up to 5). Basically, if someone is part of your official TGSS crew, skater or support, we need to know who they are and we need to know now!

Please send your team lists to ASAP!

And a reminder about yesterday’s post:

Due to the introduction of Team Potluck we now have a number of free CHALLENGE BOUT spots. If you aren’t already registered for a Challenge Bout but are interested (and have passed minimum skills, are league affiliated and have your league’s permission) contact us at by 5pm THIS THURSDAY (26/5) to secure a spot.

A couple of serious deadlines here, please help us by making sure this information gets in front of the right people.

Love & bumps
TGSS Ops Crew & Adelaide Roller Derby

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