It takes a lot to stop TGSS, but a worldwide pandemic is one of those things. After missing out on 2020 we are finally back on track and ready to celebrate roller derby with three whole days of hard hits, jukey feet and endless good times.

From June 11-13 2022, roller derby teams will converge on the Adelaide Showground from every corner of Australia and New Zealand to battle it out on the track once more. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other but our time apart has only made the heart grow fonder!

There will be numerous teams, competing in many roller derby bouts over three days on multiple tracks! Plus there will be additional Challenge Bouts!

If the world’s best roller derby tournament isn’t enough to get you here, then the TGSS 2022 After Party sure as hell should be! The TGSS 2022 AFTER PARTY will be our big weekend finale and will see us go all out for the theme (stay tuned!) and party into the wee hours of Monday night! Held on site at TGSS, the after party will be held on Monday 13 June, featuring special guest DJs, food trucks and much more. 



A big thank you to all leagues and individuals who have given feedback on what TGSS 2022 might look like to ensure that we have fun and stay safe.

💖 matchmaking services 💖

For the first time ever, the TGSS operations committee is going to try our hand at matchmaking! What does this mean?? It means even if your league isn’t able to send a full team, you can still complete an EOI and sign up to be grouped with another league(s) in the same position. So you’ll still be placed in a division and you just might find love (or at least get to play some awesome derby).

😷 covid precautions 😷

It is hard to predict what the COVID situation will look like by the time June rolls around, and with South Australia still waiting to hit our vaccination targets and open up to the rest of the country we don’t yet know what our health guidelines will look like. However we will absolutely be implementing policies to ensure that TGSS is as safe as possible. Stay tuned for more specific details, or get in touch if you think this might affect your EOI. We will also formalise a cancellation policy by the time invites go out, so you know what to expect if you need to withdraw from the tournament or if we need to cancel.

🚨 eois 🚨

With all that in mind… EOIs are now open! They’ll be open for 4 weeks (until December 10) and after that we’ll be able to start sending out invitations and let you know more about the tournament structure. We CAN’T WAIT! EOIs for refs & NSOs will be out soon.
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