Adelaide Roller Derby, your hosts for this event, is making every effort to ensure TGSS is an amazing and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. If you have any questions about anything to do with the tournament, be sure to get our attention via email to the relevant contact below and we will answer just as soon as we can (we’re skater run, skater owned… so we might not answer as promptly as you may like).

General Info and Rego: – for registration queries and other questions from participating leagues, and any other general enquiries.


Refs and NSOs: – for those of you herding it up with the zebras for the weekend.

Publicity: – for media enquiries and questions from publicity contacts in participating leagues.

Commies: – for commentator enquiries.

Sponsorship: – for those of you keen to help contribute to this successful event.

Vendors: – for people to come and sell us your treasures and wares.