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Latest updates

Hi AUS & NZ Roller Derby Leagues,

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to give you a proper update on TGSS, but we have been working hard and have lots of exciting things to share.


The first lot of tournament invites have now gone out!! Talk about starting the week on high note! We will be sending invites out in rounds every Monday until the tournament structure is full. As in previous years, we are asking for a one-week turnaround for responses, so please keep your eyes on those inboxes! June is just around the corner!

TGSS is going to be a bit smaller this time ‘round – teams might miss out, but you can bet your darndest we’ll be working hard to make sure we can accommodate as many teams as possible. If you don’t receive a first-round invite on Monday, please sit tight for following rounds in the next few weeks before reaching out.

Commies & Photographers

Yes! It’s time! What would TGSS be without commentators hyping us up and photographers capturing our most fearsome (and sometimes goofy) faces??

Commies – follow this link to let us know you’re primed and ready to do some talking. Send any enquiries to

Photographers – head over here to tell us you’re keen. Please note photographers will be required to register as an Affiliate through Skate Victoria for insurance purposes (it’s free), but we’ll give you all the details to help you do that. Any questions? Hit up


All ye business owners and crafty folks: we want you!

If you have a product or service that will be a good fit with the roller derby community, and are keen to hire a stall, please fill out this application. We only offer hire for the whole event, not day by day. If you book a stall, plan on being there for the WHOLE event.

The TGSS Ops Committee will review applications to ensure the event is able to offer a good mix of products/services to TGSS attendees. Please note that you will NOT be able to sell any food or beverage products.

All stallholders will need to hold Public Liability Insurance for $20 million. If you do not already have this, you will need to have it prior to TGSS weekend.

(Remember that every registered league is already allocated a space in the League Merch Village as part of their event registration!)

Fill out your application here. If you have any additional questions, please contact


Are you interested in sponsoring TGSS and getting your brand name out to a massive national audience? Email us at and we will send you an information package.

Still Seeking NSOs

We still need a few more NSOs to round out our rosters, so if you’ve been hemming and hawing it’s time for action! Here’s a handy little link to our Officials Application Form in case you lost it.

All officials who have applied should have an email by now. If not, check your promotions/spam folder, and get back to if you can’t find anything!

That’s all from us this time, but stay tuned because we have so much exciting stuff coming up like spectator tickets, after party info, and pre-order merch

As always, get in touch if you have any questions.

Love and bumps,
TGSS Operations Committee & Adelaide Roller Derby

Hi AUS & NZ Roller Derby Leagues,

Welcome to the very first love letter for The Great Southern Slam 2022. That’s right: it’s happening (pandemic permitting)! We are so keen to keep you updated on all things TGSS. Please keep in mind that planning has only just begun and there is plenty of work still to be done, which means we don’t have answers to all your questions yet!

It’s been a while since we were all together and we know things are going to look a little different this time around. A big thank you to all leagues and individuals who have given feedback on what TGSS 2022 might look like to ensure that we have fun and stay safe.

💖 Matchmaking services 💖

For the first time ever, the TGSS operations committee is going to try our hand at matchmaking! What does this mean?? It means even if your league isn’t able to send a full team, you can still complete an EOI and sign up to be grouped with another league(s) in the same position. So you’ll still be placed in a division and you just might find love (or at least get to play some awesome derby).

😷 COVID precautions 😷

It is hard to predict what the COVID situation will look like by the time June rolls around, and with South Australia still waiting to hit our vaccination targets and open up to the rest of the country we don’t yet know what our health guidelines will look like. However we will absolutely be implementing policies to ensure that TGSS is as safe as possible. Stay tuned for more specific details, or get in touch if you think this might affect your EOI. We will also formalise a cancellation policy by the time invites go out, so you know what to expect if you need to withdraw from the tournament or if we need to cancel. 

🚨 EOIs 🚨

With all that in mind… EOIs are now open! Link here

They’ll be open for 4 weeks (until December 10) and after that we’ll be able to start sending out invitations and let you know more about the tournament structure. We CAN’T WAIT!

🎨 Graphic design is our passion  🎨

Not quite as important as the other stuff, but how snazzy is our updated logo? We’ve also done a little website refresh – lots more coming soon. We can’t wait for you to see what we have lined up for branding and most importantly MERCH!

If your league has any questions please send them to and keep those eyes peeled for the EOIs!

Until next time
Love and bumps,
TGSS Operations Committee & Adelaide Roller Derby