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Got questions? Are they frequently asked? If so then you’re in the right place!

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General FAQ

Where and when is TGSS 2024?
TGSS returns to its home at the Adelaide Showgrounds from June 8-10 2024!

Is TGSS an accessible event?
Disabled visitors are well-catered for. All areas of the venue are accessible by ramps and lifts, and wheelchair-friendly toilets are located throughout the Showgrounds. Disabled parking bays are also available. Parking is run by Adelaide Showgrounds so we recommend giving them a buzz on 8210 5211 to discuss the most convenient parking locations for your needs.

Do you accept Companion Cards? 
TGSS is a participant of the National Companion Card scheme, offering disabled patrons holding a current companion card a second ticket for their accompanying companion at no charge.

We ask that you purchase a Companion Card ticket online (at no cost) if you are pre-purchasing tickets, so we keep track of attendee numbers and ensure we don’t go over our Management Plan approved capacity. We will ask to sight your Companion Card upon entry. If you’re wanting to buy a ticket at the door, just show us your Companion Card and we’ll issue you a second ticket at no cost.

More info on Companion Cards can be found at 

Are there any COVID-19 restrictions? 
In accordance with state recommendations, TGSS 2024 does not have any restrictions or policies around COVID-19.

However, we highly recommend that all participants undertake a RAT at the beginning of day 1 of the tournament (before attending) to further limit the risk of coming to TGSS while COVID-19 positive. The more RATs participants want to take, the better!

Please do not attend TGSS if you are feeling unwell or have any respiratory symptoms. 

Will there be any awesome merchandise available? 
Yes! If you missed out on the pre-sale there will be a selection of merch available over the weekend.

Is there a livestream if I can’t make it in person?
Yes! We’ve once again teamed up with Beardcasts to stream every single game so you can watch no matter where you are in the world. Pick up a watch pass for only $15 here. Streaming links will be sent out before each day of the tournament.

Skaters & Officials FAQ

Where do I need to get my butt and skates and by when?
The Great Southern Slam will be held in Adelaide on Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th and Monday 10th of June 2024.

Skater and Official registration will start on Friday the 10th, from 7pm, and registered skaters can get on the tracks for a casual skate during that time. There will be no first aid coverage on Friday night.

See the full schedule here.

What’s the track/bouting surface like?
The bouting surface is polished concrete = hard and slippery . 

Should I pack grippy or hard wheels?
Of course it’s a matter of personal preference. But we thought you might want to hear from people who’ve skated the surface:

  • If you like to grip to the floor with no slide whatsoever – 90a hardness or softer.
  • If you like a lot of grip, but a little slide too – 91a-93a hardness,
  • If you like some grip but not too much and like to be able to slide – 94a-97a hardness.

So when the officials wave their hands all funny at me, what are the rules?
The most recent WFTDA rule set will be used for all games at TGSS.

Can I run around in my birthday suit?
Sure, if you like. We can’t guarantee you won’t get fined, though. But mid-June in Adelaide has an average high temperature of around 16C, and an average low temperature of 8C (but can get way colder), so pack leg warmers and hoodies for between bouts and for after-parties. The venue is completely concreted too, so if you’re sitting on the floor plan to have something that’ll protect your tush from the cold, hard concrete.

Can my friends/mum/pet pug get in for free?
Not really, no.  Each team can register up to 20 skaters and five support staff (benchies, helpers, merch village staff, masseuse, etc.). Everyone else needs to buy a ticket to help cover the costs of putting on the tournament. But it’s a pretty cheap ticket price for SO MUCH DERBY!  And as much as we dig dogs, no pets allowed either (assistance animals excepted). Sorry.

Hey I’m a skater/official, do I need a spectator pass to come and watch on days that I’m not skating?
Skaters and Officials have access to ALL tracks & do not need to purchase day passes on days that they are just spectating.

Does TGSS have a gender policy?
Adelaide Roller Derby and TGSS follows the WFTDA gender policy, which states that “identifying as transgender, intersex, and/or gender expansive is not in any way related to an individual’s eligibility for participating as a volunteer or employee. Any individual who identifies as a trans woman, intersex woman, and/or gender expansive may skate with a WFTDA charter team if women’s flat track roller derby is the version and composition of roller derby with which they most closely identify.”

I’m in Adelaide for longer than just the tournament dates, and I am desperate for a skate… WHERE ARE THE INDOOR SKATING VENUES?
First up, Welcome to Adelaide!

There are a few recreation centres that have skating sessions, but make sure you check the times and distance from the City before getting in that Uber!

If the weather’s fine, there are many netball courts on the corner of West Terrace and South Terrace in the city, and these are ideal for an outdoor skate and are usually free during the day. There are a tonne of bike paths between the city and beach as well, which make for a great skate! 

If you want to check out some skate parks, have a gander at Adelaide City Skate Park (West Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000), West Beach Skate Park (Africaine Rd, West Beach SA 5024), Regency Skate Park (222 Days Rd, Ferryden Park SA 5010)… there are many more, so head over to Google and have a scope around at the venues closest to you.

Oh crap my laces/kneepads/mouthguard broke, where can I get another one?
For skates, most skate parts and mouthguards, visit Da Klinic at:

The Myer Centre
Rundle Mall
PHONE: (08) 8212 0028 

For up to date opening hours, head to 

For boot fixes, such as replacement eyelets and speed strap repairs, go to Ideal Shoe Store at 174 Hutt Street Adelaide, ph 8223 4017.

For spare shoelaces, try A-Mart Sports upstairs in the City Cross arcade just off the King William Street end of Rundle Mall, Rebel Sports in the Myer Centre on Rundle Mall or a supermarket. At a pinch, some of the larger petrol stations sell socks and shoelaces.

For spare socks, jocks or fishnets, try Target at the Rundle Street/Pulteney Street end of Rundle Mall, or any of the major department stores in Rundle Mall.

I need medication at a weird hour. Where can I get it?

National Pharmacies Norwood
156 The Parade, Norwood SA 5067
Ph: 08 8431 1894
24 hour pharmacy

Midnight Pharmacy
192-198 Wakefield Street, Adelaide
Ph: 08 8274 1544
Hours: Monday to Saturday, 7.00am to 12-midnight; Sun/Public holidays, 9.00am to 12-midnight

PharmaSave Wayville Pharmacy
43-51 Goodwood Road, Wayville SA 5034
Ph: 08 8357 2366
Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 8:00pm, Saturday 8:30am to 5:00pm, Sunday 11:00am to 5:00pm

Oops… I think I broke part of me. Where’s the nearest HOSPITAL?

In an emergency, dial 000 and ask for the type of emergency service you require, e.g. AMBULANCE

The nearest public all hours hospital to the city and showground is:

Royal Adelaide Hospital
Ph: (08) 7074 0000  for patient enquiries
(Public, All Hours Emergency)
North Terrace – the new hospital is now located at the WESTERN end of North Terrace, at the intersection of Port Road.

Also, near the Adelaide Showground:

Ashford Hospital (Private Hospital – costs may apply depending on your private health coverage)
Ph: 8375 5222 for patient enquiries
(Private, 8am to 10pm Emergency Hours)
55 Anzac Highway Ashford

Um… okay, I have skated…where’s the after party?
We at ADRD know how to pull off a party, if we do say so ourselves. The party will be held at the Lion Arts Factory (68 North Terrace, Adelaide) on Monday, 10 June and kicks off shortly after the Division 1 final over. The theme is SLAMCHELLA (think festival vibes). Capacity at the venue is limited and its first in first served, so don’t take too long to get dressed.

I am STARVING and it’s 3a.m. Help me?
Don’t panic. Here are your options:

The Original Pancake Kitchen
Ph: 8211 7912
13 Gilbert Place, Adelaide
(just behind the corner of King William and Hindley, near Rundle Mall)
Pancake-based meals both sweet and savoury, roast potato chunks, beer, cider
24 hours 7 days

Marcellina’s Pizza House
Ph: 8211 7560 for delivery
273 Hindley Street, Adelaide (head towards West Terrace)
Pizza, pasta, seafood, gluten free pizza, beer wine & spirits
7 days, until very late (around 4 or 5am)

Falafel House
Ph: 8231 5350
102 Hindley Street, Adelaide
As the name suggests, they serve falafels. The vegan meltdowns are the bomb (hot chips, your choice of bean, chilli sauce, hummus, tahini and tabouli). They also serve beer!
7 days, until late (around 3-4am)

McDonald‘s Hindley Street
Ph: 8231 9565
44 Hindley Street, Adelaide
The usual golden arch thing. Burgers and would you like fries with that. No alcohol.
24 hours 7 days

Café de Vilis
Ph: 8234 2042
Corner of Manchester Street and South Road, Mile End
(approximately 10 minutes or $10-$15 by taxi from the city)
The café outlet of a local pie and pasty factory.
Pies, pasties, vili dogs, quiches, lamingtons, tarts, beer and wine. Try a pie floater.
24 hours 7 days

Bakery on O’Connell
128-130 O’Connell St, North Adelaide SA 5006
Ph: 8361 7377
Approximately 5 minutes or $10 by taxi from the city
Baked things, toasted sandwiches, slush puppies, soup, energy drinks, Internet access. No alcohol. Many vegan options available!
24 hours 7 days

If you don’t want to leave your bed (we get it, we don’t judge) download UberEats and have a gander at what’s available.

I have a question you didn’t answer!
No problem. Email one of the contacts on this site and we’ll answer it.

Is this going to be the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life?
Quite possibly.


So uh… what’s the deal? Is it a big deal?
The Great Southern Slam continues to be the WORLD’S LARGEST ROLLER DERBY TOURNAMENT! So yeah, it’s kind of a big deal and we will continue to boast about it until we are old nannas and pops talking ‘bout the good ol’ days in years to come.

Do you really mean three whole entire days of roller derby action?
Yes, three whole entire days of roller derby action. Can you believe it? A tonne of teams (not including challenge bout teams) will travel to Adelaide from all over Australia and New Zealand to skate in the WORLDS LARGEST ROLLER DERBY TOURNAMENT (we are just boasting now). How freaking exciting is that?!

Okay, I’m there. Where do I go to watch this giant tournament thingamabob?
The Great Southern Slam will be held at the Adelaide Showground, in the Goyder Pavilion. See the Venue section of this website for more info.

Can I Bring My Roller Skates?
Sorry, no public skating is allowed. So please do not put wheels on your feet anywhere inside the venue any time over the tournament weekend. Thanks for helping us keep the tournament safe.

How do I get there?
The event is held in the Goyder Pavilion of the Adelaide Showground, near Goodwood Road and Rose Terrace. Enter through the Rose Terrace gate.

Do I need to buy a ticket before I get there, or can I pay on the door?
Day passes will be available at the door, but save yourself some money and book ahead of time. Tickets are available here.

What about the little people?
Should the kids come along? Absolutely!  There will be quite a few feisty skaters around, and a lot of hard hitting action, but the tournament will be a family-friendly event. Kids usually have a great time, and anyone under the age of 5 does not need to purchase a ticket.  BUT on bout day: While it will be tempting to get up close to the action, please do not let anyone you are with under the age of 18 sit in the area of ground within a metre of the track boundary, the whole way around the track.  It is a dangerous sport and skaters do come flying off the track and into the crowd with high force.

Is there reserved seating?
Nope, it’s all general admission. But do not fret, there will be so many bouts over the three days that if you miss out on a good seat for one bout, you will almost certainly get a sweet one for the next.

Can I bring a chair?
Yes! You should definitely consider bringing a folding chair or a cushion or rug to sit on. While we do have some bleacher seats, you’ll most likely be sitting on concrete otherwise, and the floors can get a bit cold in June.  But – If you do bring a seat, please set it up at least a couple of metres back from the track, so that people seated on the floor in front of you can see. That’s just polite. Please also scooch your chairs in nice and tight for the bigger bouts to ensure there is enough room for everyone to enjoy the action. 

I love love love a particular derby league. How can I show my love?
Most of the derby leagues skating will be selling t-shirts and other merch items at the tournament, so you can deck yourself out in your league’s gear. 

Yelling about how great your team is while they are playing also helps. Yep, we can hear you when we are on the track, and a little love from the sidelines can make all the difference. Pompoms, signs, mascot outfits, etc, are also very welcome, however anything that takes up more than your personal space and/or impacts on other spectators ability to fully enjoy the tournament is definitely not welcome. We want everyone to have a great time so please be considerate with your cheer-paraphernalia. Please also do not put banners on grandstands, walls or anywhere else at the tournament. Any non-official TGSS banners will be removed immediately, so please leave them at home.

Pick a second and third favourite league for the weekend, for when your most favourite is not skating. Don’t worry, it’s not cheating to love more than one bunch of skaters.

If you’re local and usually an Adelaide fan, pick a visiting team to foster for the tournament, to show our visitors a warm Adelaide welcome. You might have to give them back at the end of the weekend, though. I know we’d love to keep them, too.

Does the venue sell food?
Yes, the Adelaide Showground has a range of fried snack foods, like hotdogs and hot chips, as well as healthier options such as salads, sandwiches and sushi. Soft drinks and bottled water are also available. Food trucks will also be present at the Adelaide Showground with a few alternative options to the above.

On Sunday mornings, the Adelaide Showground hosts the Farmer’s Markets, next to the Leader Street entrance, where you can buy great coffee and delicious locally produced foods. Um, yes please.

Does the venue sell alcohol?
Yes – delicious local beer and some spirits are available for the 18+. BYO booze is a huge no-go, because the venue is licensed. Don’t be that person.

What should I bring?
Okay, here are the essentials:
• Your ticket
• Money for food, beer and merch
• A chair or cushion or rug to sit on
• Derby love