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Public FAQ

So uh… what’s the deal? Is it a big deal?

The Great Southern Slam continues to be the WORLD’S LARGEST ROLLER DERBY TOURNAMENT! So yeah, it’s kind of a big deal and we will continue to boast about it until we are old nannas and pops talking ‘bout the good ol’ days in years to come.

Do you really mean three whole entire days of roller derby action?

Yes, three whole entire days of roller derby action. Can you believe it?
A tonne of teams (not including challenge bout teams) will travel to Adelaide from all over Australia and New Zealand to skate in the WORLDS LARGEST ROLLER DERBY TOURNAMENT (we are just boasting now). How freaking exciting is that?!

Saturday, 6 June          

  • 9am – 9:15pm, Division 1, 2 and 3 Tournaments

Sunday, 7 June

  • 9am – 9:15pm, Division 1, 2 and 3 Tournaments and Quarter Finals

Monday, 8 June

  • 9am – 7pm, Division 1, 2 and 3 Semi Finals and Finals
  • After Party to follow Finals!

Okay, I’m there. Where do I go to watch this giant tournament thingamabob?

The Great Southern Slam will be held at the Adelaide Showground, in both the Goyder and Wayville pavilions. See the Venue section of this website for more info.

Can I Bring My Roller Skates?

Sorry, no public skating is allowed. So please do not put wheels on your feet anywhere inside the venue any time over the tournament weekend. Thanks for helping us keep the tournament safe.

How do I get there?

Transport information is in the How to Get to TGSS section of the FAQs, but basically, the event is held in the North-West corner of the Showground, the corner that is bounded by Goodwood Road and Rose Terrace. Enter through the Rose Terrace gate.

Do I need to buy a ticket before I get there, or can I pay on the door?

Day passes will be available at the door, but to save money purchase you will be able to buy a weekend pass online soon.

What about the little people?

Should the kids come along? Absolutely!  There will be quite a few feisty rollergirls around, and a lot of hard hitting action, but the tournament will be a family-friendly event. Kids usually have a great time, and anyone under the age of 5 does not need to purchase a ticket.  BUT on bout day: While it will be tempting to get up close to the action, please do not let anyone you are with under the age of 18 sit in the area of ground within a metre of the track boundary, the whole way around the track.  It is a dangerous sport and skaters do come flying off the track and into the crowd with high force.

Is there reserved seating?

Nope, it’s all general admission. We do give our kind and generous sponsors a few clearly marked seats, but otherwise it is first in, best seat.  But do not fret, there will be so many bouts over the two days that if you miss out on a good seat for one bout, you will almost certainly get a sweet one for the next.

Can I bring a chair?

Yes! You should definitely consider bringing a folding chair or a cushion or rug to sit on. While we do have some bleacher seats, you’ll most likely be sitting on concrete otherwise, and the floors can get a bit cold in June.  But – If you do bring a seat, please set it up at least a couple of metres back from the track, so that people seated on the floor in front of you can see. That’s just polite. Please also scooch your chairs in nice and tight for the bigger bouts to ensure there is enough room for everyone to enjoy the action. There’s no such thing as personal space in derby, so get up nice and close to your neighbours.

I love love love a particular derby league. How can I show my love?

Most of the derby leagues skating will be selling t-shirts and other merch items at the tournament, so you can deck yourself out in your league’s gear. At a minimum they’ll be selling t-shirts, so you can buy one for your top half and one to wear upside-down as t-pants. Stubbie holders with the base removed make excellent wrist bands.

Yelling about how great your team is while they are playing also helps. Yep, we can hear you when we are on the track, and a little love from the sidelines can make all the difference. Pompoms, signs, mascot outfits, etc, are also very welcome, however anything that takes up more than your personal space and/or impacts on other spectators ability to fully enjoy the tournament is definitely not welcome. We want everyone to have a great time so please be considerate with your cheer-paraphernalia. Please also do not put banners on grandstands, walls or anywhere else at the tournament. Any non-official TGSS banners will be removed immediately, so please leave them at home.

Pick a second and third favourite league for the weekend, for when your most favourite is not skating. Don’t worry, it’s not cheating to love more than one bunch of rollergirls.

If you’re local and usually an Adelaide fan, pick a visiting team to foster for the tournament, to show our visitors a warm Adelaide welcome. You might have to give them back at the end of the weekend, though. I know we’d love to keep them, too.

Does the venue sell food?

Yes, the Adelaide Showground has a range of fried snack foods, like hotdogs and hot chips, as well as healthier options such as salads, sandwiches and sushi. Soft drinks and bottled water are also available.
A gang of food trucks will also be present at the Adelaide Showground with a few alternative options to the above.
On Sunday mornings, the Adelaide Showground hosts the Farmer’s Markets, next to the Leader Street entrance, where you can buy great coffee and delicious locally produced foods. Um, yes please.

Does the venue sell alcohol?

Yes – delicious local beer and some spirits are available for the 18+.
BYO booze is a huge no-go, because the venue is licensed. Don’t be that guy.

What should I bring?

Okay, here are the essentials:
• Your ticket
• Money for food, beer and merch
• A chair or cushion or rug to sit on
• Derby love