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TGSS Love Letter #3

Holy moly, there are just 88 days until The Great Southern Slam 2020 kicks off!! We’ve got a lot to update you with, so grab yourself a cuppa and read on.

Tournament Structure/Challenge Bouts

There are officially 44 leagues and 48 teams participating at TGSS in 2020! We’d like to extend a congratulations and welcome to the following leagues:

Adelaide Roller Derby
Albany Roller Derby League
Auckland Roller Derby League
Ballarat Roller Derby League
Blue Mountains Roller Derby League
Brisbane City Rollers
Canberra Roller Derby League
Central Coast Roller Derby United
Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Convict City Rollers
Devil State Derby League
Dragon City Roller Derby
Dread Pirate Rollers
East Vic Roller Derby
Geelong Roller Derby League
Geraldton Roller Derby and Gold City Rollers
Inner West Roller Derby League
Kingston City Rollers
Light City Derby
Mackay City Rollers
Margaret River Roller Derby
Murder City Roller Girls
Newcastle Roller Derby League
Northern Beaches Roller Girls
Northern Brisbane Rollers
Northside Rollers
Perth Roller Derby
Pirate City Rollers
Richter City Roller Derby
Riverina Rollers
Rockabellas Roller Derby League
South Island Sirens
South Sea Roller Derby
Sun State Roller Derby
Sydney Roller Derby League
Team Indigenous Dreaming
Tweed Valley Rollers
Van Diemen Rollers
Varsity Derby League
Victorian Roller Derby League
WA Roller Derby
Western Sydney Rollers
Westside Derby Dollz
Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby

In the early planning stages of TGSS 2020, you might remember us saying that we were likely going to have to downsize the tournament a little, while adding something extra. Well, as time went on and registrations started rolling in, it soon became apparent that TGSS 2020 would stay it’s big and brilliant self – and that of course is the biggest roller derby tournament IN THE WORLD. Having whispered promises about a little addition, and not being one to back down on our word, it seems we’ve gone and outdone ourselves yet again, as we stay the same huge size and welcome into TGSS 2020… DIVISION FOUR!

In an attempt to further reduce blow out games in the pool rounds, we’re tightening up our divisions so they’re smaller and more competitive. Division 1 will stay as it was in 2018 – that is, a 6 team division with 2 pools of 3. Divisions 2, 3 and 4 will vary between 12 and 15 teams, separated into pools of 3. There will still be 8 teams heading into the quarter final elimination brackets of Div 2, 3, and 4. We’ll let you do the math, but think on this – the odds of progressing through to the elimination rounds are a lot higher in 2020, and there’s a whole extra trophy to get your hands around! We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty into those odds and we’re getting pretty damn excited!!

You know what else fills us with great excitement and joy…CHALLENGE BOUTS! It wouldn’t be a TGSS without them. Challenge bouts are reserved for those skaters who are not in a competing tournament team, and are a place for you to make new skate pals, skate with old pals, and do it wearing the best themed boutfits your imagination can create. If your league isn’t competing this year, or you’re not on your league’s tournament roster, there’s no need for you to miss out on skating at TGSS… find your place in the challenge bouts! As per the wider tournament, challenge bouts are open to skaters 18+ and will follow the WFTDA gender policy with regards to skater eligibility. Sound good?! Complete the EOI below to register – it’ll be open for one month, closing Friday 10th April.…/1FAIpQLSd2C1W_YW8cW3ljHO…/viewform

Uniform Colours

Please send the colours (and photos if you have them) of your light and dark uniforms through to

Team Logos

We need your team logo – both a low and high res version – emailed through to our publicity crew Make sure to send these through ASAP or we won’t be able to help promote your league (and we wanna help!).


All registration emails have been sent out to officials now, so if you haven’t received an email please contact us asap on If you have FOMO because you forgot to apply in time, we have still got a few more spots we could fill, just apply soon and let us know!

The TGSS crew are super excited to reveal the tournament head officials for 2020! The Tournament Head Ref is Adelaide Roller Derby’s very own Harm Solo and the Tournament Head NSOs are Connie (Perth Roller Derby) and Seath Lord (Canberra Roller Derby). We’re super stoked to have them join us and warn everyone to beware of a multitude of puns from them across the weekend.

If you see them around over the weekend make sure to give them a big sweaty hug, because they have a lot of work to do!


Commies! If you have put in your expression of interest, thankyou! Keep an eye on your inboxes, registration forms are on their way. If you know someone who might be interested, it’s not too late to get them on board Send them the EOI link –


Keen to sponsor The Great Southern Slam and get your name up in lights? Various packages are available and can be tailored specifically to suit your business! Contact for more information.

Bout Village

Bookings are now open for your business to pop up in the famous TGSS Bout Village! With sites of various sizes available we can cater to a wide range of needs. Powered and unpowered sites are available. Contact to find out more.

P.S. All leagues have access to an unpowered merch table, but if you’d like to upgrade to a larger stall/have a powered spot, please get in contact.


Are you keen to shoot the biggest tournament around? We’d love to have you join us – please contact us at if you’re feeling snap happy!

Phew, that’s about it from us for now! If you’ve got any questions unanswered in this love letter, direct your query to the relevant area here…


If you have officials who have questions please send them here:

If you have commies who need someone to chat too please email:

If you have photographers send them here:

If you are a sponsor or stall holder go here:

And finally any other weird and wonderful enquiries please email here:

Love and bumps,
TGSS Operations Committee & Adelaide Roller Derby