After Party

We know you want to party so this year we are making it super easy to get to the after party.  It’s right next door to the grand final pavilion – woohooooo! (whoever organised this is an after party genius!)

We also know you kids love to get dressed up so of course there will be a theme to the after party and it’s 80s PROM! Start scouting your local charity stores for all things taffeta and Kmart for some striking blue eye-shadow.

Our AMAZING platinum sponsor, the Adelaide Showground has once more come to the party in helping us create the most exciting after party to dance away all of those sore muscles!

The after party will be located right next door to where the Grand Final game is held in the Ridley Pavilion. So pack up your skates and forget about the showers, this after party starts right after the final whistle is blown!

It’s a full on weekend and we are looking forward to celebrating the good times with you into the wee hours of the night.  And what better way to do this than to head back to the 80s prom where the shoulder pads large and the hair even larger – we’re going to dance like it’s 1989!

The party kicks off at 8pm until 2am (last drinks at 1:30am)

Food trucks running from 8-10:30pm
Track team DJs on the decks all night.
Dress up is definitely encouraged!

Remember your wristband is your ticket into this amazing event, so don’t take it off until Tuesday morning! and you must be over 18 to attend the party.

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