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All systems are go! Love Letter #2

Hi AUS & NZ Roller Derby Leagues…

We’re sliding into Autumn like a cowgirl into a saloon – and counting down the days til June!

This is TGSS 2018 love letter #2!

Oh boy, registrations have been coming in thick and fast! Thank you to everyone for your patience as we sort out the tournament structure.
We’re just about confirmed for a full 48 team tournament, how exciting!! Places have been filled from the Third Round EOI, and are currently awaiting final confirmation and payment from leagues. If you had planned on completing an EOI for a second team, please don’t hesitate to do so, but know that you’ll now be put onto a waiting list pending the final confirmation from those teams that would have received an email from our bracketing crew today.
That 48 teams is not even counting the participants for the challenge bouts yet… we are certainly not lying when we say we run the biggest roller derby tournament IN THE WHOLE WORLD!

How is this even going to work?
We are starting to get some emails about how the tournament is going to be sorted, and as previously mentioned, the TGSS 2018 divisions and pool allocations will be guided by the rankings on Flat Track Stats. We encouraged you to ensure that your league’s bout history is all up to date by the 31st March 2018, as we will be looking at the rankings after this time.

Official Bizness…
All registration emails have been sent out to officials now, so if you haven’t received an email please contact us asap on We do have a few NSO spots left to fill so please get in contact with us if you’d like to join the green team!

Calling all commies…
Are you a roller derby announcer who would love to commentate your team through the tournament? Or maybe your league isn’t coming to TGSS but you’d still like to come along and join the fun anyway? Commentator Expressions of Interest are open and we’re looking forward to hearing from you cos we wanna hear you all over the June long weekend! Keen beans please head on over and fill out the form here and if you have any comments or questions send ’em over here:

We’re feelin’ pretty good today, and for those who have made it this far into the love letter, we want to make you feel special too. How? We want to gift you, and we have two gifts, as we think you’re pretty cute.

Our first gift is that our website is live. Go show some love by visiting

Our second gift is a very special one… howdy doody we’re dusting off our boots and breaking out the flannel in time for our very special event and we’d really really like you to join us… at THE TGSS 2018 HOEDOWN AFTER PARTY!! That’s right our big weekend finale will see us all kicking up dust and bootscooting on down into the wee hours of Monday night! Held onsite at TGSS, the after party will be held on Monday 11 June, featuring special guest DJs, food trucks and too much gingham.

We can’t wait to take you for a twirl.

TGSS contacts:
If you have officials who have questions please send them here:
If you have commies interested in coming along please email here:
If you have photographers send them here:
If you are a stall holder go here:
And finally any other weird and wonderful enquiries please email here:

Love and bumps,
TGSS Operations Committee & Adelaide Roller Derby.