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Happy 2018 everyone! Love Letter #1

Welcome to the first TGSS2018 love letter! From here on you can expect a monthly update on all things TGSS. Please bear in mind that it is still early days and there is plenty of work still to be done, so while we have some information for you we’re unable to answer all your burning questions just yet.

Firstly, thank you to all the referees and officials who have responded to our registration call out!

We are stoked with the response and can’t wait to see you all in June. We do still have a bunch of spots to fill so if you’re thinking about joining us on the June long weekend, please fill out the survey here and join us at the biggest roller derby tournament in the universe! And if you have friends, team mates and derby wives who might be interested please forward them this email so they can join the fun too!

Leagues, thank you for your responses to the EOI survey!
We’re happy to announce that we’re planning for TGSS2018 to be the same gigantic size as 2016, with over 40 leagues competing! Invites will be hitting inboxes very soon in late January. TGSS has always been about providing opportunities and sharing as much derby love as we can with our Australian and New Zealand community and 2018 will be no different. While it won’t be possible to have every league that have registered interest participate in the tournament, we have done our best to make it as inclusive as possible.

So what can you expect in 2018?
We’ve had a lot of fun with two divisions over the last couple of tournaments, but we’ve decided to up the ante by introducing our brand new DIVISION THREE!! We’ll still have the same number of leagues participating, but we’ll make the divisions smaller, reduce the skills gaps between teams, with 50% added trophy bling!

Sounds brilliant! How does my league get involved?
All tournament participants must be over 18 to participate. TGSS2018 will be by invitation.
Leagues will receive an invite and invoice for registration. Payment of the invoice by the due date will be your acceptance of the offer. Should you decline the offer or fail to pay registration by the due date we will invite the next league on the list. In the event that a team pulls out, we will offer the spot to the next league. Should time not make this possible, we will put together a potluck team from the challenge bout skaters. There is only room for one team from each invited league.

Challenge bouts will return in 2018 because it just wouldn’t be TGSS without them.

Challenge bouts are available to skaters whose league didn’t register a team in the tournament, and to skaters who are not on their league’s tournament team. Challenge bouts are not available to tournament participants.

We are thrilled at how much roller derby has grown in Australia and New Zealand since the first TGSS in 2010, the downside of this is despite TGSS also growing, we just can’t fit everything in. While we would have loved to include everyone, TGSS2018 will focus on women’s flat track roller derby, there will be no junior or men’s roller derby at TGSS2018.

Tickets will continue to be available as weekend passes as well as individual day passes.

Our plans for the tournament structure is based on survey results indicating the interest of Officials will be sufficient to make this work. If we don’t get the number of Officials we need, we will adjust accordingly.

Officials will be able to register as either dedicated NSOs or as Officials. What does that mean? If you want to officiate on skates, it is most likely you will also be rostered to NSO. There will be no option to opt out. Please also be aware if you register as an NSO/Official you are not eligible to also be a Commentator or Bench Manager/Coach for TGSS2018. This is not because we are big ole meanies who want to spoil peoples’ fun, but because rostering everyone over such a large tournament is a gargantuan task which becomes impossible if people are unavailable due to other commitments.

What about sanctioned bouts?
Well, ultimately the decision is YOURS! Just like in 2016 we will offer WFTDA leagues the chance to sanction their bouts, this will only happen if both teams are in agreeance. If a team is not comfortable to do this then the bout will not be sanctioned.

Keen have a stall at TGSS?

We’d love to talk! Let us know over here. We’ll have information for sponsors out real soon too, if you have any questions please hit us up at

TGSS after parties have become a thing of legend, and 2018 will not disappoint.
While we don’t want to reveal all our secrets just yet, we can confirm that the afterparty will be onsite at the Adelaide Showgrounds again, and will be chock full of costumes, surprises and the best dance moves south of the equator!

So that’s where we’re at right now. If your league has any questions please send them to and we will respond either to your league directly, or if the question is relevant for all include it in the next monthly love letter.

Let the countdown begin!

Love and bumps,
TGSS Operations Committee & Adelaide Roller Derby