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It’s almost time!!!!!! Love Letter #4

Hi AUS & NZ Roller Derby Leagues…

This is TGSS 2018 final newsletter aka holy smokes it’s only THREE SLEEPS UNTIL ‪#TGSS2018!!!

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean we don’t love you anymore, it just means we now get to love you in person. Yay!

As usual we have a lot to get through, so make yourself a cup of tea, get comfy and prepare for the information onslaught.

TGSS is a mammoth tournament, which means registration is a huge beast unto itself. Help us out by making sure you’re all over the what, when and wheres.

Registration will be open on Friday, 8 June, from 7-9pm at the Adelaide Showground.

  • Tournament Teams:
    Please send ONE representative from your team to collect the wrist bands and information for the weekend.
  • Officials, Challenge Bout Skaters & Commentaors:
    Please report to registration individually to collect your registration pack.

Each participant will be supplied with a wristband that MUST be worn on the wrist for the duration of the tournament. If there are any issues with wristbands please bring the offending wristband to the Ops Office for replacement.

Registration is also open skate time. Come and try out the GOYDER tracks between 7–9pm to get a feel for the surface and find your groove.

Please note that the Wayville Pavilion (Track 1) will NOT be available for testing at this time. Please don’t make us put our grumpy hats on by trying to sneak a skate in there.

The stallholder village is off limits Friday night, but not to worry, you have alllllllll weekend to spend up big on your favourite merch, derby accessories and gear. Yessss!

For those of you who can’t make registration on Friday, you can pick up your packs on Saturday morning outside the Goyder Pavilion from 7:30am until 9.00am. For really late comers, you can pick your packs up from the Ops Office. Please be aware that Saturday rego is our least preferred option, so please do everything you can to make it Friday night.

Officials who are attending the Light City Derby scrimmage, we have pre-arranged an earlybird registration, we’ll see you at the Showgrounds from 5:00pm.

Don’t forget to bring your jammer and pivot helmet covers to each game, along with wristbands for the officials (2 coloured wristbands: one for your jam ref & one for your score keeper), which should be supplied at the captains meeting prior to each game.

Uniform colours for tournament teams’ first 2 games will be provided at rego.

Uniform colours for the finals games will be communicated as soon as possible prior to the game. Higher seeded team coming into the tournament chooses colour, lower seeded team to select their most contrasting colour to suit.

And we know it looks badass, but please leave the fake blood at home.

Held during half time of the game preceding, meet the Head Ref & Head NSO at the centre of the track. Please bring your game roster to this meeting to allow time for Officials paperwork to be updated accordingly. For 9:00am games, Captain’s meetings will be held at 8:30am.

There is a designated warm up track in Wayville Pavilion. As there no timetable for this track we expect that teams share and use the space appropriately and fairly.
Teams may test the track they are about to skate on during the 15 min half time of the game prior, keeping in mind that the playing teams have first dibs at all times.
The exception to this is the Grand Finals, where the track will be available between games but not in the half-time prior to the game – the warmup track will be available.

If you are in the first game of the day, you are able to enter from 8am for your warm up – this is ONLY for those teams playing first up.

*Entry for everyone else is 8:30am*

Remember, games can only be sanctioned by mutual agreement of the participating teams. There is opportunity to sanction finals games, please have a think about the games that may be in your future so that you are a little prepared to make the decision to sanction…or not.

There are no designated areas for personal belongings or skate gear, any gear left unattended will be done so at owner’s risk.
Please do not leave skate gear in the merch village, we are super tight for space and having mounds of bags is simply unsafe (and smelly – peeee-UU.!)

NO SKATING except for on and around tracks. That means skates OFF when travelling between pavilions, no skating in the Atrium or in the Duncan Gallery (adjoining to Goyder Pavilion).

The venue that houses tracks 2-5 will be closed after the last whistle on Monday so that it can be magically transformed into a barnyard wonderland! Please have all your gear packed up and outta there by 12:45pm.

Each league will be allocated half a trestle table which can be used to sell merch throughout the whole tournament. Access is available from 8am Saturday morning to set up. Trestles will be pre-labelled, please stick to your allocated spot.

Leagues are not permitted to have any roving merch during the tournament, nor any TGSS branded merch.

It is up to each league how they (wo)man their stall. Merch can remain on your stall overnight but at your own risk. Unattended merch is likewise at your own risk.
Please maintain good housekeeping at all times.

Access for Merch stall is from:
– Saturday: 8:30am – end of the last bout
– Sunday: 8:30am – end of the last bout
– Monday: 8:30am – 30mins after final whistle of Grand Final

8am access is only to allow a couple of league members to set up the merch stall, it is not general access for all league members.

League merch will be situated in Wayville Pavilion which needs to be cleared out 100% on Monday night. That means before going to the after party please ensure all of your remaining league merch has been packed up and removed from the venue.

There are still a few Challenge Bouts that are short on skaters. Challenge Bout skaters, you can play these! First in best dressed. If not sorted out earlier, simply arrive at the track at least 15 mins before the first whistle, and present yourself to the team captain. As long as you have the correct shirt, and they have spaces, you are welcome to join in. NOTE: Line-ups are to be finalised 10 mins prior to first whistle.

For those that have ordered presale TGSS merch, it can be picked up during the following times:
– Friday night – 7-9pm from the Wayville Pavilion doors
– Saturday/Sunday/Monday – from the ADRD merch booth in Wayville Pavilion at any time over the tournament weekend.

Weekend Passes are only available for presale and only available for purchase until 4.30pm Friday. To save some money, purchase your weekend pass now from Oztix

Day passes will be available on the door (cash only). Saturday and Sunday $20, Monday (finals) $30.

There’s nothing like actually being at TGSS. The smells, the bruises, the freezing Adelaide nights. Sadly we can’t recreate these for you, but we can bring you the sights.

Tracks 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be LIVE streamed on our YouTube channel.

We have tested the equipment and internet as much as possible, but there are bound to be some tech and/or internet issues over the weekend. Please know we will do our very best to get things working again should the spritz hit the proverbial fan. And really, if it all worked perfectly it just wouldn’t be derby.

Keep one eye on YouTube for all the live action from Tracks 1, 2, 3 and 4, and the other eye on Facebook, Twitter or the TGSS website to stay up-to-date on all the latest bout results and tournament updates. And don’t worry, we’ll be sure to post the Challenge Bout results, too.

Use the hashtag #TGSS2018 for all of your social media updates, so we can share the fun and good times with the world!

Reminder that the Commie crew are continuing their gloriously daggy tradition of ONESIE SUNDAY and you’re invited! Fight off the winter chills by wearing your favourite onesie to TGSS on Sunday, and join in the fun!

Adelaide Roller Derby knows how to throw a party and the 2018 TGSS after party will not disappoint. The after party will be located onsite in the Goyder Pavilion, so pack up your skates and forget about the showers, the after party starts right after the final whistle of the weekend is blown! Dust off your boots so we can kick up our heels and boogie on down to celebrate another fabulous TGSS with Track Team DJ on the decks all night. Oh and there will be awards for Best Dressed and Best Bootscooting… just sayin.

Remember your wristband is your entry into this amazing event, so don’t take it off until Tuesday morning! You must be 18+ to attend the party.
The after party finishes at 1:00am (last drinks at 12:45am)
Food Trucks running from 7pm-12am

And finally…

We require you to have loads of fun, meet new people and respect the number one rule of Roller Derby, DON’T BE A DOUCHEBAG!

From the Adelaide Roller Derby TGSS Ops Committee, whose blood, sweat and tears are in every aspect of this tournament, we thank you from the bottom of our massive TGSS hearts.

Let the magic begin!

XOXO TGSS Ops Committee